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Catholic monarch of the New Roman Coalition. Consecrated to the Apostle Thomas, the Holy Martyr Sigismund, and the Holy Martyr Olaf II.


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Helpful books on subject of classical theism

I wanted to respond to Fr Kimel’s article today via another blog post in order to expound on why I recommend the books I recommend. Fr Kimel gives a sourcement of books in regard to the topic of divine simplicity … Continue reading

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The scriptural teaching of the doctrine of the Trinity

Sadly, there are many Christians and people claiming to be Christians nowadays who are totally confused about what the Trinity teaches and what the Trinity does not teach. I have seen Modalists in the blogosphere who not only state Trinitarians … Continue reading

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Litany from Morning Prayer of 1786 U.S. BCP

OGod the Father of heaven: have mercy upon us miserable sinners.     O God the Father of heaven: have mercy upon us miserable sinners. O God the Son, Redeemer of the world: have mercy upon us miserable sinners.     O … Continue reading

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A Continuing Anglican’s view on the Church of England’s decision of disciplinary action against the Episcopalians

Some Catholics have been asking me about this. I, as a High Anglican, surely must have an opinion on the disciplinary action against the Episcopalians, right? The truth is, I really don’t. I am a Continuing Anglican. Some in the … Continue reading

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Praying as the first American Anglicans

Today, I decided to pray the morning prayer in a different way than I normally do. Normally, I pray from the 1928 U.S. BCP. Today, I prayed from the 1786 version. This was before George Washington became President of the … Continue reading

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Pacifist Chess

A new chess variant I came up with and have received some feed-back on. Here is the feed-back. Well first, pacifist chess–replace rooks with dames, and knights with bishops. bilbo21 has commented: “It’s not exactly a pacifist version, just different … Continue reading

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St Charbel Relics

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St. Ann’s in Tubac, AZ and San Xavier Del Bac in Tucson, AZ

I was trying to send a Catholic deacon I know pictures from the web of St. Ann’s in Tubac, AZ but something screwy went on with the sending via e-mail so I’m going to try to post pictures from the … Continue reading

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Chess engine analysis

I played this game on lichess just now. I’m not certain how I feel about engine analysis. Sometimes, it can be quite demoralising and other times it can be quite helpful. Maybe chess is just far too complex for humans. … Continue reading

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Bosco’s obvious selective Bible reading

Well I don’t know if Bosco will get it but… Clearly, while he wants Catholics to take literally the verse which says “call no man father” he does not take literally the part which says “this is my body” nor … Continue reading

Posted in I'm Lazy | 4 Comments’s totally bogus draw feature

So in this forum, username Rsava is attempting to defend’s totally bogus draw feature and stating that is simply following the rules of OTB, tournament chess. is NOT following the rules of OTB tournament chess when it … Continue reading

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Epic Sicilian Grand Prix game!

Play Online Chess [Event “Online game”][Site “”][Date “2015.9.21”][Round “?”][White “newengland7”][Black “dwighthinesa”][Result “*”][WhiteELO “1487”][BlackELO “1576”] %Created by Caissa’s Web PGN Editor%Display=931. e4 c5 2. f4 e6 3. e5 Nc6 4. Nf3 a6 5. Nc3 Nge7 6. d4 cxd4 7. Nxd4 Nxd4 … Continue reading

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Fake Magnus Carlsen wannabe!

Is he a 1700+ player? Probably. Is he actually Magnus Carlsen? I highly doubt it. I’m not certain if I could actually trash any grandmaster as bad as I did this guy here. Especially with the FRIED LIVER?!? Of … Continue reading

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No guts no glory–defending against a hack attack with brilliance! So in this particular game, I saw OneKnight open up the file for his rook and debated castling. I think indeed castling was my safest option in this particular game. He played at move 10, Rxf6?!. The problem with … Continue reading

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My sickest mating attack?

I just wanted your feedback on my own sickest mating attack in chess recently. I’m going to show four games in which I have a pretty sick mating attack and you are going to vote in the poll below. I … Continue reading

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Me playing the Nimzo-Indian defense and playing horrifically Well, I’m not really much of an Indian defense player in general.

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Thrashing with the Scandinavian For some reason, shredderchess has temporarily forbidden me to start games. I’ve learned my lesson though–don’t use the bots to practice playing openings. I was trying to practice the Nimzo-Indian defense with a bot last night and it kept … Continue reading

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The legal move quiz

So in order to help teach my friend to develop skills in this great battle, as the great Emanuel Lasker would say, “By some ardent enthusiasts Chess has been elevated into a science or an art. It is neither; but … Continue reading

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Teaching a friend of mine to play chess

Regretfully, some people do not know how to play chess. You always have to come down to their level first and foremost. This is what God did for humanity. That way, you can raise it up to your level. Albeit, … Continue reading

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The problem with debates over social issues online

One of the major problems with these social discussions online is that people tend to misrepresent each other. So from an ongoing discussion on Enns’s blog we have some of these bizarre responses. First off, bizarre comments from Enns himself … Continue reading

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Epic immortal queen game and three king-walk games by yours truly!

All of these are king-walk games but only one of them featured a queen sacrifice early on that still led to victory for me. I will show you them in the time-frame order they occurred in. All of these are … Continue reading

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OneKnight’s queen sac, Pay attention to opponent’s plans, Mieses-Kotrc gambit royal fork, King’s English hack attack!

I’ll only bore you all with two of my wins in this post! The rest are other games I’ve observed and wanted to share because I thought they were highly instructive. Most of these are standard, 15 min. games (which … Continue reading

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Roberts’s Immortal Game

This game was ridiculous! newengland7 (1183) Shed (1288). I had white pieces, Shed had black pieces. Opening: French defense, advanced variation 1. e4 e6 2. Nf3 d5 3. e5 Nc6 4. d4 Ne7 5. Ng5 Nh6 6. Be2 Nf5 7. … Continue reading

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outrageous opening by winterhill!

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, winterhill is generally much more of a hyper-modern style chess player. However, in this particular game he performs an opening that is rarely used nowadays. It’s the Benoni defense! Developed in … Continue reading

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Harry the fantastic H pawn!

Sorry, I’ve been watching too much of IM Thomas Rendle’s “Hack Attack” series lately. So any way…winterhill (1226) and newengland7 (1166). This game was crazy. Opening: Queen’s Indian attack. winterhill had white pieces and newengland7 had black pieces. Here’s how … Continue reading

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ShepSu’s sneaky bishop move, update on my match with Fr. Kimel, and beautiful mate with minor pieces!

Username ShepSu (2203) and newengland7 (1343)…this happens to be the most outrageous opening I’ve ever played against. It’s a very unusual opening as well. It combines the Dutch with the Indian defenses. It’s the Dutch queen’s Indian defense–no kidding! I … Continue reading

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The worst argument for women’s ordination I’ve ever seen

I’ve seen some very bad radical egalitarian arguments for women’s ordination but this one from Ben Witherington III, who apparently did his own doctoral thesis on the New Testament on the topic of women in ministry in the church, probably, … Continue reading

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Caro-Kann experimentation and resigning in a won position?

This game played last night–username: waho (1360) and newengland7 (1151). waho had white pieces and newengland7 had black pieces. Opening: Caro-Kann advanced variation 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 e6 4. Nf3 Ne7 5. Bd3 g6 6. Bg5 … Continue reading

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Deadly trap series game, immortal pacifist game, and a nice improvement to the French

So first, the deadly trap series game which has just been completed–I had black pieces and my opponent had white pieces. Opening: Dutch defense 1. d4 f5 2. e3 Nf6 3. Bd3 Nc6 4. Bxf5 c6 (I’m going to prove … Continue reading

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Prayer book-onlyist Anglicans?!?

Fr. Jonathan over at The Conciliar Anglican has an article on being a 39-articles Catholic. It’s an interesting article which I don’t particularly agree with all the points of. I personally don’t think his theology is entirely sound and would … Continue reading

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Why I do not use Indian defenses

Other than the reason that I prefer the classical Dutch but also have a more classical style of chess play–the Indian defenses have proved rather quite solid, I’ll give that. But I am extraordinarily terrible at using them. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Post-game torture mate continuation

I hope this post-game continuation I’ve constructed here is enough to make Siegbert Tarrasch cry in his grave. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the following video: So here is the following potential continuation after 31. … Continue reading

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newengland7 upsets blackrook!

Who is newengland7? He is me. Who is blackrook? blackrook is an incredibly gifted chess player from the Netherlands who has played nearly 5,000 games of chess and has an online Elo rating of 1590 right now. My own rating … Continue reading

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Yet another fantastic immortal queen game!

This player was actually about 450 online elo points above me. I cannot take credit for the brilliancy produced. It was more just one of those morning pre-coffee chess games and so I actually won and performed a good majority … Continue reading

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Dutch Leningrad Defense

I’ve been experimenting with this new, recently developed opening within the Dutch defense which I have been trying lately. The first game I used it was against Fr. Kimel. He’s really good and knows what he’s doing. If you’ll take … Continue reading

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Should Christians hold a specific view on the death penalty?

Scot McKnight has commented on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sentencing to death by the American civil justice system. He has equated this response to “lex talionis”. For those who don’t know their medieval history, this was the “eye for eye” and “tooth … Continue reading

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Catholic doctrine and Protestant doctrine

I find it a little bit irritating when Catholic doctrine is deliberately misrepresented by Protestants or the media by pointing to what an individual Catholic says and raising that to the level of Catholic doctrine. There is a firm difference … Continue reading

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queen in the corner trap…

From a game I played recently… The person performing this trap must be willing to play a rather cramped game at the start as well as lose a rook in the early going. However, it essentially traps the queen. Should … Continue reading

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Judging my cousin post-mortem?

My dad got home from my cousin Nick’s funeral today and was telling my mother that there seemed to be no evidence of spirituality for my cousin. For my parents, this indicates a person was not Christian. But I have … Continue reading

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Losses all over…

I like to play a lot of strategy games. Strategy board games (like chess which I’ve commented on frequently) and strategy video games (like Civilization, Empire at War, and Age of Mythology). I do a lot of correspondence games of … Continue reading

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Male-centered translations of the Bible?

I’ll admit, I’m a part of one of those “evil” denominations that still prefers these “male-centered” translations of the Bible for liturgical use–specifically, the KJV. However, most of the people at our church are elder people. We have elder women … Continue reading

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Saving The Mentalist‘s chess butt

There’s some rather odd moves in this game between Patrick Jane and Tolman Bunting in one Mentalist episode here: Chess experts will note that Jane has played the English opening. What many people don’t realize is that openings can transpose … Continue reading

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Easiest section of the Bible…

My dad has pestered me for a long time about wanting me to read the Bible and focus more on Biblical interpretation. I’d imagine it has something to do with his own Baptist upbringing. As a Baptist, he was taught … Continue reading

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Peter Enns accused of heresy for The Bible Tells Me So

I confess, I have not read this book nor do I plan to. I’ve read a few different books published by HarperCollins and they generally do not mix well with what I expect from a book. Largely, because as someone … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Cousin Nick

Rock in peace, rest in peace, whatever you wish…you were an inspiration to me and my prayers are for you. My cousin Nicholas Roberts died yesterday at the age of 27. May his memory be eternal! I think I’m processing … Continue reading

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pawns don’t move like donkeys!

Here’s the game situation…jrj1701’s next move was c6xe5. Albeit a clever move to get him out of the inevitable situation I set us up with at the beginning where queens would be off the board, it is an illegal move. … Continue reading

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chess game with my uncle

So here’s the basic overall notation right here (I’m black, my uncle’s white): 1. b4 a5 {uncle starts out with the Sokolsky opening–the queen-side bishop is a huge part of his attack so black needs to put some heavy pressure … Continue reading

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white to move: checkmate in 1 move–find the checkmate

This puzzle was created by myself after a game I had on Friday where the only extra pieces brought by the person I played against for pawn promotion were a black queen and a white queen. Find the killer move:

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feeling bad about your chess lately?

…just think about the grandmasters who have felt stupid after losing to the seven move checkmate. In chess theory, there is a distinction between a relative pin and an absolute pin. An absolute pin is when the piece pinned is … Continue reading

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