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Self-mortification, miscommunication

I think Mother is having difficulty understanding my recent interest in self-mortification and I hope my good friend Damsel of the Faith does not mind if I borrow from some of her posts in order to qualify some statements. Mother … Continue reading

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What If the Arians Had Won?

I must state, I am a little bit disappointed that Professor MacCulloch didn’t really seem to answer this question, however, I think some of his points were great. For instance, would the Arians have enacted the bureaucratic inquisition as did … Continue reading

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H.P. Lovecraft in Music

I was actually inspired to write this after reading Brian Niemeier’s post today on his play-through of the video game, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. I actually decided to write this primarily for him since he comes … Continue reading

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On Pirates and Privateers

I guess the conversation started last Thursday in my class on Europe’s Reformations. The professor was talking about the Hussite heresy and how John Huss was burned for his heresy. The heresy was of teaching communion in both kinds. I … Continue reading

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Reasons Why I Hate the Bible

I’m shockingly one of very few “Christians” (I’m not one any longer, don’t know what I am, was an Eastern Catholic Catechumen and still desire to be an Eastern Catholic but need peace) who absolutely hates the Bible. I will … Continue reading

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