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Helpful books on subject of classical theism

I wanted to respond to Fr Kimel’s article today via another blog post in order to expound on why I recommend the books I recommend. Fr Kimel gives a sourcement of books in regard to the topic of divine simplicity … Continue reading

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Purposes of Christian marriage

John Boswell, in his Michael Harding Address (Rediscovering Gay History, GCM 1982), made a closely related observation: “Love in the Old Testament is too idealised in terms of sexual attraction (rather than procreation). Samuel’s father says to his wife-who is … Continue reading

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The Church is one as the Trinity is one

One of the many aspects of actively receiving the sacraments of the Church is that your spiritual vision is opened. This is not an automatic or magical process. This depends on growth and spiritual growth. But continuing to bind oneself … Continue reading

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Women’s Ordination: Starting Points

I came across this video by N.T. Wright a while back. It’s interesting because I think it points out the major problems in making a radical egalitarian argument on this base. The radical egalitarian normally begins his argument for the … Continue reading

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Subjection in the Trinity

Occasionally, I find Evangelicals (Evangelicals!) declaring that the idea of subjection in the Trinity is heretical. Of course, in learning and trying to understand the Trinity back when I was still technically a secret Arian attending an Evangelical church (not … Continue reading

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In praise of Greek philosophy!

It is regretfully common nowadays to see Protestants rejecting the intermingling of Christian theology and Greek philosophy but the Greek philosophical traditions have a lot to praise for in the Christian theological tradition. Without them, Christianity wouldn’t be Christianity! Take … Continue reading

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My Two Cents on Dale Tuggy and Fr. Aiden Kimel’s Debates

Fr. Aiden Kimel and Dale Tuggy have both been going back and forth on the subject of the Trinity for a while now. I was just a little bit tired of standing on the sidelines so long. It seems odd … Continue reading

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