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Helpful books on subject of classical theism

I wanted to respond to Fr Kimel’s article today via another blog post in order to expound on why I recommend the books I recommend. Fr Kimel gives a sourcement of books in regard to the topic of divine simplicity … Continue reading

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Are Anabaptists orthodox?

I use the term Anabaptist here to refer to someone who deliberately denies baptism to infants. Although technically, the term means “no baptist” and a better term would be credobaptist. I reject the term credobaptist to refer to such people … Continue reading

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Areas Protestants Could Improve Upon

First off, there is one thing that Protestants have down solid–their unswerving love and devotion to the word of God–the Bible (Jesus would be the Word of God). That is something that Catholics and Orthodox should better upon themselves. That’s … Continue reading

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Women’s Ordination: Starting Points

I came across this video by N.T. Wright a while back. It’s interesting because I think it points out the major problems in making a radical egalitarian argument on this base. The radical egalitarian normally begins his argument for the … Continue reading

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The Bible is a Simple Book

Theophiletos said in a comment… Although I would hesitate to use the term “contradiction” of any parts of the Bible, whenever two passages don’t line up, I find that to be a productive tension which teaches me a lot more … Continue reading

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Called Into All Three – But Why?

I feel like all of these strings on me are trying to pull me into three different churches all at once and it is confusing me. I feel like I am right back where I started when I first started … Continue reading

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Hans Urs von Balthasar: Credo

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And Jesus said…”You’re All FOOLS!”

And at the time when the Son of man returns in the glory of his kingdom he will sort out the goats and the sheep and he will place the goats on his left hand side and the sheep on … Continue reading

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My Two Cents on Dale Tuggy and Fr. Aiden Kimel’s Debates

Fr. Aiden Kimel and Dale Tuggy have both been going back and forth on the subject of the Trinity for a while now. I was just a little bit tired of standing on the sidelines so long. It seems odd … Continue reading

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