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Dr. Mark Purchase

I’ve been going back and forth with Dr. Mark Purchase for a little bit now and today I thought was pretty funny. Hi Daniel You wrote, >>Honestly, I had no idea that Stephanie Pappas was an atheist and antagonistic toward … Continue reading

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Hemant Mehta’s Article: Is The Church Opposed to Gays, Women, Science, and Sex Education?

Hemant Mehta has written a response to Robin Schumacher on this issue and I thought I’d write my own response to Hemant Mehta contributing to the discussion. Note that this is not a complex philosophical defense on the Catholic Church’s … Continue reading

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Monogenism, Refuting Racism, Sin of Beastiality (aka why Catholicism can’t say goodbye to me)

Well, I’ve written on my trouble with certain theological positions in the past and I would have to say, that my fight with God isn’t over yet. Although in all honesty, what I have learned from it is something major. … Continue reading

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My Trouble With Monogenism (aka, Why Catholicism Left Me)

I never left it. Indeed, I was never really apart of it. Never converted in the first place. So don’t call me an abandoner. The reality of the matter is that this has absolutely nothing to do with me, this … Continue reading

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What is it I Believe?

For those of you who know me personally or have seen a lot of my posts keep getting deleted, you know that I change my beliefs quite frequently. I can be a bit of a roller coaster at times. So … Continue reading

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