Taking a picture of myself.

Taking a picture of myself.

Older sister's cat technically. Listening to Darkthrone. He prefers pagan folk metal though.

Older sister’s cat technically. Listening to Darkthrone. He prefers pagan folk metal though.

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  1. The lightning bolts line up perfectly.

    • To form the shape of Mickey Mouse! I got it at Disneyland this most recently past summer.

      • spookchristian says:

        A college so called graduate, wanting to form the shape of mickey mouse..
        You definitely need to GROW UP, Boy !!

        I had not realized that Americans could be so dumb / stupid.

      • What’s wrong with Mickey Mouse? I am actually considering blocking you from my website if you continue with the nasty comments.

      • spookchristian says:

        Is your wisdom home grown, or do you get it from somewhere else.?

      • I get it from all places. Other people, home grown from my own experiences, etc.

      • spookchristian says:

        Well your own experiences, have not been around for a very long time.
        I have been a Christian, since before you were actually born.
        Not that, I think I know everything of course.

      • Yet you proceed to interpret scriptures on your own accord rather than entrusting yourself to the Church that Christ established.

      • spookchristian says:

        Catholic so called church was not established by Jesus Christ, it was started by Constantine in the 4th century.
        Jesus would never start such a despotic,and disgusting organization.

      • It is debatable as to whether Constantine was even a Christian or not. How could he have founded a Church? He did not found the Church or any Church. He made it so that Christianity was legalized in the Roman Empire and helped to unite them further by instituting the Council of Nicaea with the hopes of ending all debates on Jesus’s deity.

      • spookchristian says:

        Your degree is obviously worthless !!

      • spookchristian says:

        You can’t even get a roper definition of Voodoo correct.
        You also refer to making images of Mickey Mouse.
        I find that your hypocrisy is astounding.
        I don’t want any more messages from you, as it is a waste of time talking to you.

      • I think you mean “proper”. And it is my shirt that has lightning bolts forming the shape of Mickey Mouse.

        You say you don’t want any more messages from me yet you continue messaging me. Who’s the hypocrite now?

      • jrj1701 says:

        spookchristian I have found that those that advise others to grow up are in dire need of following their own advice.

      • spookchristian says:

        well, perhaps you need the same advice mister.
        Thank you for your unasked for wisdom.
        Indeed, I need to grow up, in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, and yes, I do have failings, and I am not perfect.
        But my faith is in Jesus Christ, not you.
        Having said that, I hope you have a nice evening etc, genuinely meant.
        The mans a college graduate, and hes going on about making something in the shape of mickey mouse.

    • Brian Niemeier changed colours…WOW!

  2. zant7 says:

    Your first pic very professional πŸ™‚

  3. SF PaperDragon says:

    How does agnostic Christianity work?

    • we recognize that we’re all in the process of sorting things out and that we don’t always know everything and that there is much theology to sort out. we don’t judge another person’s spirituality or spiritual state. this does not mean we throw the baby out with the bathwater. an agnostic christian can still hold to dogmas of the faith of the church as historically expressed but we are prepared to meet people on their journey.

  4. spookchristian says:

    An Agnostic, i.e. one with no knowledge, why therefore, do you type out such drivel,? i.e. the disgusting dogmas of popism.

    I really think that you need a reality check mister.!!

    • I like to think of an Agnostic as one with no knowledge of their own selves who trusts others. In my case, God and the Church. You proclaim to know precisely who God is without any further help which makes you a prideful Gnostic heretic.

      • spookchristian says:

        I dont care about what you like to think.
        I trust the Scriptures, rather than myself.
        I do n ot know everything about God, and your accusation that I think I know everything, is also childish.
        I have made no proclamations at all, I merely asserted the fact, that Mary is not the q of h, and that there is no doctrine to support the lie of the assumption.

        Please go away, and grow up.
        You are obviously some sort of teenager, who thinks he knows everything.

      • Teenager? I’m in my early 20’s. 22 about to turn 23. I am a college graduate. I do not proclaim to know everything. I proclaim to be an agnostic. That you present that Mary is not the Queen of Heaven as fact when the entirety of the Church has done so for centuries (including Martin Luther) shows that you trust yourself more than you trust the scriptures. You trust your interpretations of the scriptures to be specific.

      • spookchristian says:

        Then the entirety of catholicism and those that follow that dogma, are definitely wrong, and teaching or following a blasphemous lie.

      • You are ignorant and helpless.

      • spookchristian says:

        I am only ignorant, simply because, I do not know everything.
        My help comes only from

        Jesus Christ, and the
        Word of God, and the
        Holy Spirit.
        Aren’t we all ignorant and helpless, without Jesus Christ.I admit, whereas, you do not think that you are ignorant.

      • YOUR interpretation of the Scriptures–how redundant–you say Jesus Christ twice in there. Or do you think that John was talking about something else when he said “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”?

      • jrj1701 says:

        Wrong, just because you want to deny the teachings of the Church does not make your statement correct. The only proof you have is that it ain’t in scripture, yet not even you follow sola scriptura.

      • spookchristian says:

        I do follow Sola Scriptura,, not perfectly of course.
        There is nothing wrong with mickey mouse.
        i just assumed, that a guy, claiming to have 2 degree’s, would have better thing’s to talk about.

      • Oh, you think the moronic stuff that most people in their 20’s talk about nowadays (having sex with as many girls as possible, drinking, partying, etc.) is better than me talking about Mickey Mouse?

      • jrj1701 says:

        If you followed sola scriptura then why aren’t you following Jesus command to obey those placed in authority over you? It clearly states this in Matt.23:2-3.

      • spookchristian says:

        The catholic so called church is not in charge of any Christians.
        The so called pope ( Mathew 23v9 ), will never tell me what to do !!

      • The Bishop of Rome is the first among equals. The authority of the Church comes from Christ alone not Christ through the Pope. The Church as a whole is authoritative, not just the Pope.

      • spookchristian says:

        Rome is the seat of the anti-christ religion,
        Catholicism is not of God, and was not started by Jesus Christ.

      • I thought you sola scriptura Protestants would have been able to point from that in the Bible yet all you can show me as evidence is your own individual interpretation of the book of Revelation so nice try.

      • spookchristian says:

        It is not my own personal interpretation.
        I have studied the whole of Scripture, not just the parts that suits me.

        You rely on your catholic so called priests to tell you what to believe, and they do not teach from the Bible.
        You catholics hate the KJV, because it is in English, and the catholic so called church has always tried to stop ordinary people from getting the word of God in their own language.
        Your so called church has murdered millions of Christians to stop them getting Scripture.
        The Scriptures condemn all the teachings of catholicism.

        You need to leave that disgusting organization, it is the handiwork of satan.
        You say you have a degree, magna cum silliness, and yet you talk the utmost rubbish, and silliness,… you go on about making images of Mickey mouse on your other blog.
        You are obviously juvenile,and callow, you really do need to grow up, and try to be more adult.

        Why don’t you get yourself a Bible, instead of believing all that Jesuit filth, that you get from your catholic so called priests.
        You are no Christian.
        If I was going to be nasty, I would say that, the catholic so called church is a pedophile club.

      • Where to begin…
        1. I’m not Catholic. I’m High Anglican. Our beliefs are very similar if not exactly the same as the Catholics.
        2. We do not hate the KJV. The KJV Bible is read each Sunday in the liturgy of the Anglican Church in America. More of it is read than in your own churches.
        3. Yes, someone else interprets the Bible for me because the Bible can be confusing at times for me and I cannot understand each and every detail of it. The difference between me and you is that I don’t rely on my own private interpretation. You claim the Spirit has spoken to you yet you lie. Your father is Satan because he is the father of lies. You are not of God because you call me stupid. He who calls his brother “raca” is in danger of the Hell-fire. You need to repent of your heresies.

      • spookchristian says:

        point (1) You are roman catholic !
        point ( 2) I doubt it.
        point (3), I apologize for referring to you as stupid.
        You are not my brother,but you are right on that point, I should not call anyone that. I’m not perfect.
        I don’t rely on my own private interpretation,as I do ask other Christians what they think of a verse or paragraph etc, or go to other study materials, or reference works.

        You need to repent of referring to me as having satan as Fr etc..Your false accusation, indicates that you are that.

        High Anglican,..? this phrase stinks of spiritual snobbery, and your snobbery has no basis whatsoever.. πŸ™‚
        Anglicanism is just un-poped catholicism.

        I have expressed NO heresies whatsoever.
        It is you that is telling little pork pies now.

      • Point 1–No I am not.
        Point 2–Want proof from a non-conspiracy website for a change?
        Point 3–High Anglican does not speak of spiritual snobbery. It is an historic category referring to a highly liturgical part of the Anglican Church which consists of High, Low, and Broad. No. Anglicanism is not un-poped Catholicism. Anglicanism is quite diverse consisting of those of an Evangelical orientation, those of a liberal orientation, and those of a more high liturgical orientation. My own Continuing Anglican Church though is less diverse as it has reformed the Anglican faith back to its pre-Protestant roots.

      • spookchristian says:

        Which university was it that you went to.
        I bet it was Jesuit, or another dunce university.?

      • Arizona State University. No religious affiliation.

      • jrj1701 says:

        All very convenient, yet Jesus never taught rebellion against authority, if Christ had rebelled against the Pharisees his crucifixion would have no meaning. The scriptures clearly call us to be like Christ (in the greek which predates the KJV it actually says to be Christ) repent brother for you have been taught heresies which could lead you to hell.

      • spookchristian says:

        Roman Catholcism is not Clhristian, and the so called ope has NO authority over me, or the #Christian church.
        Your so called pope is a false teacher, and propagator of lies, and deception.
        My faith is in Tje Lord Jesus Christ, and my authority is the word of God,and the Holy Spirit.

        It is you, that are in danger of hell, if you do not repent of your adherence to the demonic dogmas of the catholic so called church.

        You need to become a Christian, you must be born again.
        You are following a demonic cult,The whore of Babyllon.

      • Are you even baptised? If you are not baptised than you are not born again. Read John 3:3-5.

      • spookchristian says:

        I am Baptized, thank you.
        But being baptized, or having been baptized is not proof of/a means of salvation at all.
        It is an testimony { NOT proof }, that you are dead to the world and alive in Jesus Christ.
        I know of many people, stating that they have been baptized, and they express the most atrocious,blasphemous rubbish.
        You don’t know anything about me,or what faith I have in Jesus Christ.
        I do know that you are certainly not Christian.

      • jrj1701 says:

        First off spookchristian, I am not a member of the Church in Rome, I am a member of an autocephalous Orthodox jurisdiction. There are statements made by protestants that I found contradict the Scriptures that some protestants claim is the foundation of the Church. You separate yourself from the Church and accuse the Apostolically established hierarchy of being of the devil, yet you do not rightly discern the spirit of most of those that you condemn. Christ states the sole source of healing, and there are documented and third party investigated incidents of healing with members of what you call the Roman Catholics. Christ also states that He would build a Church that would withstand the gates of hell, yet you state that the Roman Church ain’t the real Church, yet I have seen those that demonstrate the fruits of faith within the Roman Catholic community, and Christ said that these fruits can only be obtained through Him, so there is evidence that the RCC is not totally separated from Christ as you state. So please save your heretical rhetoric for those who do not know any better.

      • It’s all the same for him. He is blocked.

      • jrj1701 says:

        Wish I had known that before my last reply. Sad he doesn’t understand what Apostolic lineage is.

      • We can only pray for his soul and wish him well that the Devil releases his stronghold that he claims on him.

      • jrj1701 says:

        I wish that I had a real name for him, they look at me funny when I use a screen name to place on the prayer list.

      • Robert Hill is his real name according to my e-mail inbox.

      • jrj1701 says:

        Are you to lazy to give synopsis of others statements, I could flood you with links disputing whatever this video says, yet I am not in conversation with them, I am in conversation with you. If I have a correct understanding of the topic being discussed, I do not need to fall on the words of others, I can rely on the Holy Spirit to supply me with the words that are needed to be spoken.

      • It’s because he follows his own private interpretation of them. His beloved KJV probably has cut out the verse 2 Pet. 1:20.

      • Wait a second, you are commenting on my blog and telling me to “go away”?!? LOL!

      • spookchristian says:


  5. spookchristian says:

    Please go and think about what your saying.
    You are taking the word of catholic so called priests for your understanding of the Bible, and you have probably have never read it.
    If you did understand the Scriptures, you certainly would not be touting the rubbish about Mary, that you are doing.
    Not that, I would expect you to know everything either, but some things in fact, quite a lot of things, are very clear from the Scriptures.
    You need to get a Bible, KJV / AV 1611, rather than your Douay Rheims or NIV

  6. spookchristian says:

    (2 Peter 1:20) “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”

    • jrj1701 says:

      Interesting that you should use that quote from Scripture when you deny that the historical Apostolic Church exists, and claim that that hierarchy is of the devil.

      • spookchristian says:

        No Apostles exist today.

        They cannot possibly fit the description given in acts 1, and neither could they fit the criteria.

        Apostolic succession is a lie, and a falsehood, and pretentious.

        Bagoglio is not an Apostle, and none of the previous so called popes, could ever have referred to themselves as an Apostle.

        Catholicism, or the roman so called church, only began with Constantine, and even after he purportedly became christian, murdered his wife Faustia and his son Constantius.

        Peter, the Apostle, was never a pope, and I am sure he would not want to be blamed for roman catholicism and it’s dogmas,and behaviour.

        Catholicsim, is not the historical apostolic so called church. it is the handiwork of satan, and The Whore of Babylon.

        The hierarchyc so called, at the vatican, are most certainly of the devil, and satan, and it’s history proves it, as does the chapter in Revelation { 17 } illustrate it.
        Your so called pope, is continually tweeting false teachings, regarding Mary, and other things.

  7. jrj1701 says:

    I have data limit and am unable at this time to watch videos. That is why I asked you to relate what is in the videos with your own words.

  8. RbM says:

    Peace, man.


    • Hi. My girlfriend and I are going through a difficult time right now. She struggles with a desire for abuse. I want her to know desperately God is love and that she has so much more potential and meaning and should not desire abuse because God is love. Pray for her and I, please.

  9. RbM says:

    what’s up…?


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