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Am I a Christian?

I’ll admit, I’m definitely no super-Christian if I am one. But sometimes, I wonder if I am a Christian. I know someone who might call this pre-Christian. I’m not certain if the Church I am in is the right one … Continue reading

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The Ethiopian Eunuch–for St Bosco

The following is based on the account of Acts 8:26-40 “Help! I’m reading this book and I don’t quite grasp it! I’m just a noble-man here with great education but this book leaves me quite confused! Will someone help me?” … Continue reading

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I saw a baby baptism yesterday…

I’ve never seen a baby baptism before. Even though Jesus had revealed himself to babies (Matt. 11:25-26), a baby being enlightened to know Jesus was simply unthinkable among the Evangelical Protestantism I grew up with. They did baptise infants at … Continue reading

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8 Reasons why the feminist debate in the Church deteriorates the Gospel

1. Feminist theologians and anti-feminist theologians are simply just gnawing over at each other attempting to assert their positions as absolutely clear! One side asserts that they’re being completely oppressed (despite the large amounts of women voices in medieval Catholicism … Continue reading

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Social Justice and the All-Male Priesthood

When you frame the argument that an all-male priesthood violates the norms of social justice, you are completely missing the point of what it means to be a priest. It further indicates that you hold no responsibility whatsoever yourself. For … Continue reading

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