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Saving The Mentalist‘s chess butt

There’s some rather odd moves in this game between Patrick Jane and Tolman Bunting in one Mentalist episode here: Chess experts will note that Jane has played the English opening. What many people don’t realize is that openings can transpose … Continue reading

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Easiest section of the Bible…

My dad has pestered me for a long time about wanting me to read the Bible and focus more on Biblical interpretation. I’d imagine it has something to do with his own Baptist upbringing. As a Baptist, he was taught … Continue reading

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Peter Enns accused of heresy for The Bible Tells Me So

I confess, I have not read this book nor do I plan to. I’ve read a few different books published by HarperCollins and they generally do not mix well with what I expect from a book. Largely, because as someone … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Cousin Nick

Rock in peace, rest in peace, whatever you wish…you were an inspiration to me and my prayers are for you. My cousin Nicholas Roberts died yesterday at the age of 27. May his memory be eternal! I think I’m processing … Continue reading

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pawns don’t move like donkeys!

Here’s the game situation…jrj1701’s next move was c6xe5. Albeit a clever move to get him out of the inevitable situation I set us up with at the beginning where queens would be off the board, it is an illegal move. … Continue reading

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chess game with my uncle

So here’s the basic overall notation right here (I’m black, my uncle’s white): 1. b4 a5 {uncle starts out with the Sokolsky opening–the queen-side bishop is a huge part of his attack so black needs to put some heavy pressure … Continue reading

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white to move: checkmate in 1 move–find the checkmate

This puzzle was created by myself after a game I had on Friday where the only extra pieces brought by the person I played against for pawn promotion were a black queen and a white queen. Find the killer move:

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feeling bad about your chess lately?

…just think about the grandmasters who have felt stupid after losing to the seven move checkmate. In chess theory, there is a distinction between a relative pin and an absolute pin. An absolute pin is when the piece pinned is … Continue reading

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What can chess teach us about our faith?

Our poor friend jrj1701 keeps playing e5 as his second move against the Scandinavian defense. This is considered a blunder by the majority of chess theoreticians (if not all) when playing against the Scandinavian defense as it allows black to … Continue reading

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Killer queen sacrifice by jrj1701!

So here’s the first game that jrj1701 and I played where I was white. It was the third time black won and the first time jrj1701 won. Here’s how it went down: 1. d4 g6 (unusual defense) 2. Nf3 d5 … Continue reading

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the Englund gambit

A gambit in chess is where a player offers a pawn to his opponent for the means of taking control of the board on his own terms. The Englund gambit is actually a very effective maneuver against many queen’s pawn … Continue reading

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Sicilian defense vs. queen’s pawn game?

I was wondering if the counter c5?! would actually work for black to play in response to white’s defense against a queen’s pawn game. Here are the moves that could be done… 1 d4 c5 2 d4xc5 Qa5† 3 Bd2 … Continue reading

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Beware of the Portuguese gambit!

So here is a recent game played between jrj1701 and I. e4 d5 I played the Scandinavian defense. My intention was that white would take my pawn and then I would proceed to switch into a more aggressive variant of … Continue reading

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NO! Don’t take that bishop!

I was playing two games of chess this weekend. I was black in both of them and I lost one and won another. Both games involved a very tricky bishop position. The problem playing defense with black is that you … Continue reading

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White to move–what is his best move?

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