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I let them in…

All of them…a lot of them…thousands of them. I’m not aware of any one in this world who has experienced Satan as directly as I have…in his whitest and purest form ever attempting to explain to me how much he … Continue reading

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Dormition of St Anna

I forgot to tell Mother that Eastern Christians celebrated the dormition of St Anna on Friday, July 25. She is patron saint to childless people and mothers so she is a good patron for Mother. She is the mother of … Continue reading

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Why Theology Matters

Originally posted on 3-D Christianity:
“Faculty of Theology (personification)-1” by Joker Island – Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons (This is a blast from my past. My first ever professionally published article, “Theology Shapes Everyone” was published…

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The Ethiopian Eunuch–for St Bosco

The following is based on the account of Acts 8:26-40 “Help! I’m reading this book and I don’t quite grasp it! I’m just a noble-man here with great education but this book leaves me quite confused! Will someone help me?” … Continue reading

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The women debate—my attempt to explain from a sacramental perspective

Sacramentalists (or Christians who favour a more sacramental system of God distributing aid to his people) usually don’t agree that a woman can be a cultic or ritualistic priest. Sacramentalists are High Anglicans, Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox generally. They may … Continue reading

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Bosco is Wrong, I’m Right

Me: Well Bosco, Ezekiel AND Revelation BOTH say there will NOT be a one world government so I believe it! Not some man named “St Bosco”‘s interpretation of it. Not some Catholic’s interpretation of it. I believe the Bible and … Continue reading

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Mommy, why did you forget me? Do you not know how much I suffer? How disoriented I become when you’re not available? I feel sad and lonely…I don’t like this feeling. Please help me. My own biological mother wants to … Continue reading

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Dear Auntie,

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE forgive me for that e-mail I sent you! I don’t know what got into me! And please, please, PLEASE continue to let me call you both “Mother” and “Auntie” and continue to call me your … Continue reading

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Does God want me to rest?

The answer is “no”. It’s so wonderful that so many people have found a comforting home in a place that nourishes them spiritually but I have been malnourished spiritually. According to God, if I want to find him I must … Continue reading

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Satan digs this song…

I played it for him today because he pestered me into it. He loves the part informing him of his fate (not!). I think the band is either Ukrainian Catholic or Ukrainian Orthodox. Does it matter? It’s as Mother always … Continue reading

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I saw a baby baptism yesterday…

I’ve never seen a baby baptism before. Even though Jesus had revealed himself to babies (Matt. 11:25-26), a baby being enlightened to know Jesus was simply unthinkable among the Evangelical Protestantism I grew up with. They did baptise infants at … Continue reading

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The Bible is a Simple Book

Theophiletos said in a comment… Although I would hesitate to use the term “contradiction” of any parts of the Bible, whenever two passages don’t line up, I find that to be a productive tension which teaches me a lot more … Continue reading

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8 Reasons why the feminist debate in the Church deteriorates the Gospel

1. Feminist theologians and anti-feminist theologians are simply just gnawing over at each other attempting to assert their positions as absolutely clear! One side asserts that they’re being completely oppressed (despite the large amounts of women voices in medieval Catholicism … Continue reading

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Fr. Kimel–Letting Scripture Be

Me: Help, please? Understanding the Bible? John 3:3-5 does not equal Acts 10:44-48 Matthew 18:1-4 equals neither 1 Corinthians 13:10-13 nor 1 Corinthians 14:20 I’m not trying to sound like an atheist it’s just that every single freaking time I … Continue reading

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Auntie Jessica, Pray For Me

I don’t know what is wrong with me…manic-depression, borderline personality disorder, maybe schizophrenia? I know I’m high-functioning autistic and I’m dreadfully sorry your Child couldn’t be a “normal” Child but what is more important to you? That I am your … Continue reading

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Dear Mother,

Help! Help your Child, Auntie Jessica! Every time I think, I find myself stepping ever closer to the noose and it is very close now! I just want to cut my arms and let the blood flow out until there … Continue reading

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THIS POST IS URGENT! THIS IS EXACTLY AND PRECISELY WHO BOSCO IS! An ATHEIST pretending to be a Christian! (This is just so idiotic…sound like Bosco?) (Bosco’s Anti-Catholicism.) (DEFINITELY BOSCO!) (Sound like something Bosco would do? Sadly, Bosco is no … Continue reading

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Help me, Momma Jessica

Help me to discern. Why hasn’t God made anything clear to me? You deserve a child…God wants me to be with him…you’ll lead me to him. But at the same time, my deacon came up to me last night at … Continue reading

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The Rosary–Momma Jess and I

The crucifix: Auntie and I genuflect—she does a Latinised genuflection, I do a Greek genuflection. Mother prays: I cannot, for the life of me, remember the Apostle’s Creed by heart so Auntie prays that for me… “I believe in God, … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, Auntie Jessica

That doesn’t look entirely bad now does it? But the fact remains…I started cutting myself again and I snuck a pair of scissors up to my room. I just can’t stand my family situation right now. My parents just simply … Continue reading

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Auntie’s Faith Imparted to Me

“No one can tell you how to believe,” the words of Fr. Kimel echo through my head. How do I believe? How do I find faith? I need not worry about that right now. It is not my own faith … Continue reading

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An Orthodox Christian is in My Religion and Moral Issues Class!

My Religion and Moral Issues class that I’m taking this summer that is going to prevent me from blogging for quite a bit has an Orthodox Christian in it–I’m fairly certain a Syriac Orthodox Christian so jrj1701 might have something … Continue reading

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