Despite being an agnostic, I am fully qualified to answer some of the more simple questions you have concerning legalisms and what-not. I can make an effort to answer theological questions as well but seeing as I’m not God, my answers will be severely inadequate so just be patient with me.

Comment here for questions.

4 Responses to Questions?

  1. Clifford Durousseau says:

    Where exactly did you find in Isaac Newton’s writings the quote about Jude 5 being a corruption? (I saw your post about this at

  2. Theodore A. Jones says:

    newenglansun? Are you the cat who is crossing claws with R. Olson?

    • Oh, that Protestant bigot. Yeah, I scratch claws with him every now and then. He gets really pesky and then what he does when he doesn’t answer the questions, is that he runs into his own little corner and figures out what next to pontficate. I worry for that man.

      TBH, I generally come there with genuinely honest questions and then he straw-mans and distorts what I have to say. If it looks like I’m the contentious one, well, he has to make it look like that to his reader-ship. I wish he would answer simple questions though. Why, if there is X denomination and Y denomination who simply agree to disagree on the non-essentials, do they not become one denomination? He skirted around that question. Never addressed why. It is frustratingly irritating how he can be sometimes. He prefers to preach but not to listen and sometimes, I wish he’d listen. So then I hide away from his blog for a few months and then come back and ask the new set of questions which are relevant to what he’s posted, but he twists their meanings in his responses to make them sound like they are not relevant.

      Just now to me he’s barking about his book on Arminianism is “the best”. Sorry, but this guy is genuinely whack. Pride comes before a fall.

      Thanks for hearing me out even if you don’t agree with my side of the story.

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