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What can chess teach us about our faith?

Our poor friend jrj1701 keeps playing e5 as his second move against the Scandinavian defense. This is considered a blunder by the majority of chess theoreticians (if not all) when playing against the Scandinavian defense as it allows black to … Continue reading

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may I have a word with Christian pacifists

First off, it’s not pacifism that I have a problem with nor a pacifistic interpretation of the Bible. I find pacifism to be a highly admirable position and have frequent disagreements with my own father when it comes to topics … Continue reading

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LIGHTS hermeneutic principle

We talk about Biblical hermeneutics a lot with our dear friend Bosco the Great. I thought it would be good to lay out one method of Biblical interpretation. The LIGHTS method. Most Christians actually affirm this method even if they … Continue reading

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Are Anabaptists orthodox?

I use the term Anabaptist here to refer to someone who deliberately denies baptism to infants. Although technically, the term means “no baptist” and a better term would be credobaptist. I reject the term credobaptist to refer to such people … Continue reading

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A Video QVO Would Like

It is true, many Lutherans are more Christian these days than many Roman Catholics. QVO will love this video.

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Women’s Ordination: Starting Points

I came across this video by N.T. Wright a while back. It’s interesting because I think it points out the major problems in making a radical egalitarian argument on this base. The radical egalitarian normally begins his argument for the … Continue reading

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1 Timothy 2:8-15 and the Liturgy

1 Tim. 2:8 I desire, then, that in every place the men should pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or argument; That is that men should raise their hands in prayer in every church within the context of the … Continue reading

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Biblical Meditations—Mary a widow?

Scot McKnight says in his book that the officially established church tradition holds Mary to be a widow (The Blue Parakeet, 177). Actually, it’s debatable in the Syriac textual tradition that Mary was even, err, married. In fact, Fr. … Continue reading

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Holy Fathers St. Cyril of Alexandria, Abp. John Chrysostom and a Little Flower

As I was reading St. Therese of Lisieux’s Story of a Soul the following passages were brought to my attention and I was wondering what some of the church fathers said on them in comparison to the Little Flower. Consider … Continue reading

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The Ethiopian Eunuch–for St Bosco

The following is based on the account of Acts 8:26-40 “Help! I’m reading this book and I don’t quite grasp it! I’m just a noble-man here with great education but this book leaves me quite confused! Will someone help me?” … Continue reading

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Was Mary a Perpetual Virgin?

The teaching of the perpetual virginity of Mary within the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches generally causes problems for Protestants. As such, it is typical to see Mary’s perpetual virginity from non-Catholics as, less strongly, a doubt, but more strongly … Continue reading

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