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Last Post for this Semester

August 21, I started school. With Auntie’s prayers and the help of my deacon, I will stay alive for another semester and do well again. Hopefully, after I graduate, which will be in about nine months, I will be working … Continue reading

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An Orthodox Christian is in My Religion and Moral Issues Class!

My Religion and Moral Issues class that I’m taking this summer that is going to prevent me from blogging for quite a bit has an Orthodox Christian in it–I’m fairly certain a Syriac Orthodox Christian so jrj1701 might have something … Continue reading

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Counting Down the Days…

approximately 10 1/2 to 11 months before my life gets back to normal… approximately 46.5 to 48 weeks… approximately 325.5 to 336 days… approximately that long until I am hopefully safe with Auntie from all the forces of decadence and … Continue reading

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Another Semester of School…

Well, with the incompletes I took in both Biblical Hebrew and Europe’s Reformations in order to reduce stress, and the finishing up with them both, I am officially through with another semester of school. The grades I received were as … Continue reading

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In Case You Were Wondering

I often get accused of being a liberal democrat by neo-conservatives and being a conservative republican by neo-liberals. Took a quiz today because I was writing about the political history of Spanish conquest in the Americas for a paper due … Continue reading

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On Pirates and Privateers

I guess the conversation started last Thursday in my class on Europe’s Reformations. The professor was talking about the Hussite heresy and how John Huss was burned for his heresy. The heresy was of teaching communion in both kinds. I … Continue reading

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I Was Commanded to Re-Post This

*I have blue eyes! And in other news, I’ve started up school again this week. I’m taking six classes. Existentialism (the professor’s making it a class-led course and has us writing blogs which you can follow my blog for the … Continue reading

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Hemant Mehta’s Article: Is The Church Opposed to Gays, Women, Science, and Sex Education?

Hemant Mehta has written a response to Robin Schumacher on this issue and I thought I’d write my own response to Hemant Mehta contributing to the discussion. Note that this is not a complex philosophical defense on the Catholic Church’s … Continue reading

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Choosing a Grad School

As a junior in college, one thing you have to consider is a grad school. Do you plan to go on and fulfill your education or not? Which grad schools are the best? Which ones should be considered? Which ones … Continue reading

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