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Subjection in the Trinity

Occasionally, I find Evangelicals (Evangelicals!) declaring that the idea of subjection in the Trinity is heretical. Of course, in learning and trying to understand the Trinity back when I was still technically a secret Arian attending an Evangelical church (not … Continue reading

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In praise of Greek philosophy!

It is regretfully common nowadays to see Protestants rejecting the intermingling of Christian theology and Greek philosophy but the Greek philosophical traditions have a lot to praise for in the Christian theological tradition. Without them, Christianity wouldn’t be Christianity! Take … Continue reading

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What If the Arians Had Won?

I must state, I am a little bit disappointed that Professor MacCulloch didn’t really seem to answer this question, however, I think some of his points were great. For instance, would the Arians have enacted the bureaucratic inquisition as did … Continue reading

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What is Sola Scriptura?

‘Scripture alone’ needs to be understood in a particular, technical light. Protestantism was not crudely fundamentalist in that it did not (at this stage) teach a literal inspiration or verbal inerrancy; indeed its attitude to the canon would scandalize many … Continue reading

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My Two Cents on Dale Tuggy and Fr. Aiden Kimel’s Debates

Fr. Aiden Kimel and Dale Tuggy have both been going back and forth on the subject of the Trinity for a while now. I was just a little bit tired of standing on the sidelines so long. It seems odd … Continue reading

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