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Judging my cousin post-mortem?

My dad got home from my cousin Nick’s funeral today and was telling my mother that there seemed to be no evidence of spirituality for my cousin. For my parents, this indicates a person was not Christian. But I have … Continue reading

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Losses all over…

I like to play a lot of strategy games. Strategy board games (like chess which I’ve commented on frequently) and strategy video games (like Civilization, Empire at War, and Age of Mythology). I do a lot of correspondence games of … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Cousin Nick

Rock in peace, rest in peace, whatever you wish…you were an inspiration to me and my prayers are for you. My cousin Nicholas Roberts died yesterday at the age of 27. May his memory be eternal! I think I’m processing … Continue reading

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“Africa” by Toto – Ever thought of it this way?

When I first heard the song “Africa” a few years ago, I thought it was initially one of those love ballads about two people coming together in Africa and the music video even supports this theory. But upon further examination, … Continue reading

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I saw a baby baptism yesterday…

I’ve never seen a baby baptism before. Even though Jesus had revealed himself to babies (Matt. 11:25-26), a baby being enlightened to know Jesus was simply unthinkable among the Evangelical Protestantism I grew up with. They did baptise infants at … Continue reading

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An Orthodox Christian is in My Religion and Moral Issues Class!

My Religion and Moral Issues class that I’m taking this summer that is going to prevent me from blogging for quite a bit has an Orthodox Christian in it–I’m fairly certain a Syriac Orthodox Christian so jrj1701 might have something … Continue reading

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St. Michael Prayer

I’m writing the following prayer down for my deacon today so he can see that I’ve memorized it as we watch yet another video from Fr. Barron’s New Evangelization series in ECF class tonight. It reads as follows: St. Michael the … Continue reading

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Oh, yes, we shall be in chains and there will be no freedom, but then, in our great sorrow, we shall rise again to joy, without which man cannot live nor God exists, for God gives joy: it’s his privilege–a … Continue reading

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Hans Urs von Balthasar: Credo

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