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A Video QVO Would Like

It is true, many Lutherans are more Christian these days than many Roman Catholics. QVO will love this video.

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What Exactly is a Fundamentalist?

At times I see some of the more “progressive” Evangelicals characterizing “some Catholics” as fundamentalists and of course many Catholics characterize Evangelicals as fundamentalists as well (I even had a professor who was Lutheran who considered Evangelicals to be equivalent … Continue reading

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What is a Continuing Anglican?

This question has come up a couple of times in conversation with a deacon. What exactly is a Continuing Anglican? The answer is not that simple. Some questions frequently asked of Continuing Anglicans are as follows… Are Continuing Anglicans all … Continue reading

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Are Churches that Don’t Ordain Women “Outside the Will of God”?

I was reading an article by Dr. Jeremiah Gibbs stating that he is convinced that churches that don’t ordain women are outside the will of God and no longer a part of the Christian community. He doesn’t actually say they … Continue reading

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Does Baptismal Regeneration Negate the Idea of Free Will?

Opponents of baptismal regeneration like to point out that the doctrine negates the idea of free will. The only problem with this is that it doesn’t. First off, both the doctrines of free will and the doctrines of baptismal regeneration … Continue reading

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Women’s Ordination: Starting Points

I came across this video by N.T. Wright a while back. It’s interesting because I think it points out the major problems in making a radical egalitarian argument on this base. The radical egalitarian normally begins his argument for the … Continue reading

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Tammuz invented blue jeans and button-down shirts!

Tammuz invented all of the blue jeans, t-shirts, and button-down shirts that Bosco’s pastors wear! See? Totally a jean skirt, she’s wearing Denim–the religion of Babylon How sick and perverted of Bosco’s pastors! The religion of Tammuz lives on! T-shirts … Continue reading

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Nonna Verna Harrison on the Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church

“Orthodox Arguments Against the Ordination of Women as Priests”, Women and the Priesthood, ed. Fr. Thomas Hopko, 165-187 Nonna Verna Harrison takes a look at three different arguments espoused by Orthodox theologians against women’s ordination, “[t]hey are (1) the argument … Continue reading

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Met. Kallistos Ware on the Ordination of Women in the Orthodox Church

“Man, Woman and the Priesthood of Christ”, Women and the Priesthood, 5-53. It is a common theme of Met. Kallistos Ware to caution hastiness in the Church on a variety of different issues. He cites Isaiah 28:16 which reads “He … Continue reading

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Did the New Testament Church Have an Ecclesiastical Structure?

It is generally argued by Protestants (primarily the Anabaptist Protestants) that the church structure of the episcopacy is entirely a new invention known to the church that did not originate in the Bible. But the reality is that the episcopacy … Continue reading

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