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Should Christians hold a specific view on the death penalty?

Scot McKnight has commented on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sentencing to death by the American civil justice system. He has equated this response to “lex talionis”. For those who don’t know their medieval history, this was the “eye for eye” and “tooth … Continue reading

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Catholic Sex Abuse?

I was looking up a saint name for a Bagon I had captured in my Pokemon Black 2 game today (I’ve taken the liberty to name some of my Pokemon after saints–all of them have nicknames) and I had found … Continue reading

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In Case You Were Wondering

I often get accused of being a liberal democrat by neo-conservatives and being a conservative republican by neo-liberals. Took a quiz today because I was writing about the political history of Spanish conquest in the Americas for a paper due … Continue reading

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Thank You Catholics

After watching this video, I can only say that I’m glad to be entering into a Church that at the very least recommends that one not eat meat, eggs, or cheese on at least Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Fixed it For You!

Original art said “Patriotism or Socialism”.

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In Vitro Meat

I thought I’d go on to another ethical hubbub that has gone on recently over the last 50 years apparently. It’s called in vitro meat. According to the people who think that it is beneficial, there are more problems with … Continue reading

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Abortion – Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

It is another day on the university campus. I am walking to the cafeteria area for lunch. There are abortion protesters outside the building campaigning. They show gruesome pictures of aborted babies. They then ask for people’s opinions on abortion. … Continue reading

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The Motivation For the Farmer

A good question that has been asked to me about my support of anarcho-communism is where the motivation for the farmer is if there is no monetary system. This would imply that the farmer would want to starve people to … Continue reading

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Ignorant Government Moron This guy apparently has no knowledge of slavery in the United States, Native Americans being bullied out of their own homelands in favor of U.S. expansionism, the civil rights movement which tried to fight for equal rights while still … Continue reading

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Capitalism – A Logical Fallacy

Capitalism is a system of government that we see in the United States. Capitalists see communists as cruel people opposed to freedom. But are capitalists really better than their counter parts? Not really. We see people being brainwashed in the … Continue reading

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