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Post-game torture mate continuation

I hope this post-game continuation I’ve constructed here is enough to make Siegbert Tarrasch cry in his grave. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the following video: So here is the following potential continuation after 31. … Continue reading

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newengland7 upsets blackrook!

Who is newengland7? He is me. Who is blackrook? blackrook is an incredibly gifted chess player from the Netherlands who has played nearly 5,000 games of chess and has an online Elo rating of 1590 right now. My own rating … Continue reading

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Yet another fantastic immortal queen game!

This player was actually about 450 online elo points above me. I cannot take credit for the brilliancy produced. It was more just one of those morning pre-coffee chess games and so I actually won and performed a good majority … Continue reading

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Dutch Leningrad Defense

I’ve been experimenting with this new, recently developed opening within the Dutch defense which I have been trying lately. The first game I used it was against Fr. Kimel. He’s really good and knows what he’s doing. If you’ll take … Continue reading

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Should Christians hold a specific view on the death penalty?

Scot McKnight has commented on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sentencing to death by the American civil justice system. He has equated this response to “lex talionis”. For those who don’t know their medieval history, this was the “eye for eye” and “tooth … Continue reading

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Catholic doctrine and Protestant doctrine

I find it a little bit irritating when Catholic doctrine is deliberately misrepresented by Protestants or the media by pointing to what an individual Catholic says and raising that to the level of Catholic doctrine. There is a firm difference … Continue reading

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queen in the corner trap…

From a game I played recently… The person performing this trap must be willing to play a rather cramped game at the start as well as lose a rook in the early going. However, it essentially traps the queen. Should … Continue reading

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Judging my cousin post-mortem?

My dad got home from my cousin Nick’s funeral today and was telling my mother that there seemed to be no evidence of spirituality for my cousin. For my parents, this indicates a person was not Christian. But I have … Continue reading

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Losses all over…

I like to play a lot of strategy games. Strategy board games (like chess which I’ve commented on frequently) and strategy video games (like Civilization, Empire at War, and Age of Mythology). I do a lot of correspondence games of … Continue reading

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Male-centered translations of the Bible?

I’ll admit, I’m a part of one of those “evil” denominations that still prefers these “male-centered” translations of the Bible for liturgical use–specifically, the KJV. However, most of the people at our church are elder people. We have elder women … Continue reading

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