Harry the fantastic H pawn!

Sorry, I’ve been watching too much of IM Thomas Rendle’s “Hack Attack” series lately.

So any way…winterhill (1226) and newengland7 (1166). This game was crazy. Opening: Queen’s Indian attack. winterhill had white pieces and newengland7 had black pieces. Here’s how it went (and Harry the H pawn was brutal!).

1. b3 d5 (main line in Queen’s Indian defense is 1. d4 b7 but white is performing the queen’s Indian attack!) 2. Bb2 c5 3. e3 Bf5 4. Qe2!? Bxc2!? 5. Qb5+! Nc6 6. Qxc5 Bxb1 7. Rxb1 e6 8. Qc1 (here’s where things start to become ridiculous) Qa5!? 9. a3 Bxa3?! 10. Bxa3 Nf6 11. b4 Qa4 (winterhill is attempting to trap black queen) 12. b5 Ne5 (pay attention to the pawn structure and the position of the pieces more than the material as this will be more important as the game progresses) 13. Rb4 Qa5 14. Nf3 Nxf3+! (this ruined pawn structure on the king side will actually effectively become a winning move for black ultimately) 15. g2xf3 0-0 (black king is safe but the white king? hmmmm…) 16. Bd3 Rac8 17. Bc3 Qc7 18. Rb2 Qe5? 19. Bxf8! Rxf8 20. f4 Qh5 21. h3 Qf3 22. Rf1 Qxh3! (this will become important VERY shortly!) 23. Bd1 Ne4! (again, another VERY important move in the game) 24. Rc2 h5! (another critical move–watches out for king safety AND starts an advancement at winterhill’s king side) 25. Rc8 Rxc8 26. Qxc8+ Kh7 27. Bc2 (see why the knight on e4 is important now?) h4! 28. Qd8 Qg4 29. f5! e6xf5 30. Qxd5 h3! 31. Bxe4 f5xe4 32. Qd6 Qg2 (plan is to sacrifice queen for rook for a new replacement queen with pawn takes rook–seeing importance of the h pawn now?) 33. Qf4 h2! 34. Qh4+ Kg8 35. Qg3? (not the best move–the best move would have been keeping queen on same file as the h pawn) h1=Q!! 36. Rxh1 Qxh1+!! 37. Ke2 Qf3+! 38. Qxf3 e4xf3+!! 39. Kxf3 a5! 40. d4? (again, better move would have been b5xa6e.p.–this forces black king to get to e7 or e8 square sooner than in the game but all positions for white now are losing) a4! 41. d5 a3! 42. d6 Kf8!! (if d7 then Ke7 so that even if the pawn promotes, it will be taken) 43. e4 Ke8!! (preventing even d7 now–if e6 is played two turns from now then f7xe6) 44. e5 a2!! 0-1 (white resigned)

I played the large majority of that game down a rook but up an h-pawn and the h-pawn won us the game!

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Catholic monarch of the New Roman Coalition. Consecrated to the Apostle Thomas, the Holy Martyr Sigismund, and the Holy Martyr Olaf II.
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